Earth element shows our physical body as well as all things that are practical, useful, tangible and material. Our life unfolds through our physical body and its needs are the most urgent when they arise. The element of Earth,.. etc

Water element shows the flow of our senses into our environment and the deep emotional connections formed. Water is related to our feelings. Water and Earth together creates growth, in the form of plants. Plants provide food etc,..

Female Energy wants to stabilize, sensitize and nourish us, just like Earth and water. Thus women are generally the most interested in feelings, emotions, stability, and being grounded in their body and senses. When feeling a sense of lack lacking in these areas, a woman's actions and thought's will tend to be inconsistent and hard to understand

These ferminine qualities of life are fundamental to any actions that come later. If we are disconnected from our deeper feeling nature and our stable grounded connection to the Earth, our actions (as shown by the male signs) will lack sensitivity and meaning.

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