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Durga information here as well as durga yoga spiritual healing resources

Durga information here as well as durga yoga spiritual healing resources


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Parvati is generally regarded as the integrated form of the Divine Mother, which includes Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. She is depicted usually alongside Lord Siva beautifully dressed and adorned with Mount Kailasa in the background. Parvati literally means ”Daughter of the Mountain.” Parvati is the reincarnated from of his first wife Sati. Lord Siva found her worthy of betrothal after her penance and tapas and her immense beauty. In many ways she is the archetypal Mother figure, as Siva and Parvati are the parents of Ganesha and Kartikeya, but Siva is not exactly the most attentive father, accidentally cutting off Ganesha’s head when he was a baby. In several stories it is Parvati who creates the fierce Kali.   Parvati represents the power of the Moon. She reflects the Sun’s light and intention through consciousness and the sense mind. Cultivation growth and sustenance on this physical plane. The relationship between Siva and Parvati indicate a higher spiritual show the highest spiritual relationship between          
 The fierce form of the Divine Mother and the Shakti of Lord Shiva is Mother Durga and Mother Kali. The origin of Mother Durga is that she was created by the male Gods to defeat in battle the Mahishasura – the great buffalo demon, who was granted a boon from Lord Brahma for his fierce penance, but wound up destroying heaven and Earth once his powers became manifest. When created,  Mother Durga was given 9 arms – each arm holding a different weapon given to her by each of the Gods. She has the combined strength of all 3 male deities – Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. Durga is depicted as riding a lion – having tamed her lower nature and conquered her fear of it and all creatures. Sometimes she is depicted holding a lotus flower in one hand. This is her form as “Shanti” Durga. “Shanti” means “Peace.’
It is Durga who is the protective force of the Divine Mother. She’s brings us the courage and power to face, and eventually conquer the illusions associated with our fear based sense of separateness as it plays out in our conscious and subconscious minds. It is her power that we draw on to overcome the harshest of situations. She represents an acceptance of hardship as an acceptance of our karma and an opportunity to move closer to God through it. We also learn detachment from the drama associated with our problems, as we gain strength in knowing that there is a guardian angel watching over us with weapons drawn ready to strike down the demons of our lower nature.     
Kali is an even more fierce form of Siva and some say a fierce form of Durga. Kali is Durga’s wrath personified, or deified if you will. The word “Kali” is the feminine form of the word “Kala” which means “Time.” Kali is that which exists beyond the faces, illusions and appearances of time and space. Her fearsome form is that of a young, vibrant and laughing black skinned woman. She is naked except for a garland of severed heads around her neck and a  skirt of bloody arms dangling from her waist. She wears a vertical third eye as does Shiva is in the middle of her forehead. She has long sharp fangs and a red tongue smeared with blood which is sticking out. Her black hair is long and wild as she dances on the battlefield drunk on the blood of her slain victims. She has four arms with hands holding a sword, a severed head, and a bowl of plenty, with one hand in the removing fear gesture. Shiva, her consort, is under her foot. He is pale, smeared with sacred ash, ecstatic, in samadhi.     
Kali represents the tangible destructive power of Lord Shiva. Her form personifies is the result of Kala (time) and its power to obliterate matter. Hers is the principle that returns energy to its primal, dark and restive nature beyond the gunas and their illusory appearances. In fact, she revels in this sacred blood ritual, frenzied and ecstatic. Her skirt of severed arms shows our physical attachment and grasping nature. The necklace of skulls shows our illusions, she will destroy both. Lord Shiva lays at her feet in blissful samadhi to calm her furious dance as she would devour all of creation otherwise. Kali worship is a celebration of transformation in it’s most fierce and unflinching form. Kali worship is not for everyone, but embracing our inevitable embodied death as a creative force can be the highest teaching.



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